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iCare-PEMF Device

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ICare PEMF device using FSM frequencies

It is soft and pliable and easy to use! Use it whilst working, watching TV, meditating or sleeping.

iCare is a mobile platform (for iphone and Android phones) for delivering frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) protocols via PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields) to clients who want to get well as quickly as possible. We are now able to send updated treatment protocols directly to your phone.

You will have to download the iCare-Pemf app and pay a minimal monthly software subscription ($15) which can be cancelled and started at any time.

ICare PEMF device using FSM frequencies

What included in the Purchase Price?

The ICare-PEMF comes with two preloaded programs, along with 6 additional programs we create specifically just for you.  You also receive a total of 60 minutes of free consultation time included into the price. 

This Consult time can be spent discussing logistics or creating more specific programs as your body heals.

Our favourite protocols that we have created for general everyday use to aid with specific health conditions, musculoskeletal health, sports fitness, wellness and vitality!

  • C-PTSD

  • Vagus Nerve Reboot and Toning

  • Sleep

  • Heart Health

  • Blood Vessel Support

  • Flu/Cold

  • Immune Support

  • Hypoxia post Virus

  • Leaky Gut/SIBO

  • Nervous System Reboot

  • Lift Brain Fog

  • Anxiety

  • Ligament strain/ Tendon pain

  • Pet Programs

  • Solfeggio Energy Frequencies

ICare PEMF device using FSM frequencies

4 Different Ways to Use

  • Use the soft thin iCare-Pemf pad against the body, in a big pocket or in a specially designed scarf which can be purchased when ordering your device. 

  • Adhesive electrodes attached directly to the area on the body requiring treatment

  • Create frequency structured water to drink to support ongoing treatment

  • Add specific frequencies (eg. skin anti-aging or hair growth) to your creams or shampoo.

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